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Environment and Sustainability

V-Mark recognizes the importance of environmental awareness and is actively involved in helping to build a sustainable environment for the future generation.


We are a richly experienced agency company, mostly on an exclusive basis for the Greater China region, actively bridging global environmental product OEMs and manufacturers with the Chinese power suppliers to reduce the impact of pollutant emissions.


Examples of products:


Emission Control System - Selective Catalyst Reduction System (SCR)

Stationary Source Emissions Control - Emission control catalysts



Emission Control System - Selective Catalyst Reduction System (SCR)


 H+H Umwelt-und-Industrietechnik GmbH produces Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems for secondary NOx (nitrogen oxide, nitrogen dioxide) reduction in marine and stationary land engines.


H+H design and deliver high quality, reliable systems for the catalytic reduction on mobile and stationary applications.


  • SCR/-DeNOx-Systems (EcoMarin®) for marine applications

  • SCR/-DeNOx-Systems for cogeneration plants (CHP)

  • SCR/-DeNOx-Systems for industrial applications

Our Clients

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