Exclusive Products

Aircraft Crew Seats & Galley Inserts
Ipeco Holdings Limited

All the current Boeing fleets are installed with Ipeco’s qualified crew seats. Since 1990’s, Ipeco has also been engaging in developing new generation galley inserts including, ovens, water boiler, fridge/freezer/wine chiller, coffee maker, etc… These products are successfully approved and certified by Boeing and Airbus, and are widely selected by different operators all around the world.

機師、乘務員及專機座椅 / 葡萄酒冷卻器 / 廚房系列冰箱 / 咖啡機, 烤箱等外掛程式
Aviation Textiles & Carpet
Botany Weaving Mill Limited

Botany Weaving Mill is a market leader at the cutting-edge of high-quality aviation and ground transportation interior textile manufacturing. Botany is approved to ISO 9001:2000 and EN9100, and is the supplier of many world’s top airlines, such as, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, United Airlines, and Virgin Atlantic. Boeing has also awarded them their Gold Approval for quality and on-time delivery.

Non-Textile Flooring & Materials
Wulfmeyer Aircraft Interiors

Since Airbus adopted Wulfmeyer’s Non-Textile Flooring (NTF) in 1990’s, there have been no shrinkage and bubbling happenings in the area of galley and toilet. As the result, all of new Airbus aircrafts are recommended to install the Wulfmeyer’s NTF flooring now. We also provide all kinds of high-quality PE foams, Insulation blankets, Tape, Mirrors etc… interiors material to AIRBUS.

多種內艙整新材料, 包括: 防滑/防水地板膠及多種背膠類材料、隔熱/絕緣等多用途發泡聚乙稀材料、窗簾、尼龍搭扣、輕質鏡面、廁所蓋板等
Aircraft Galley & Stowage
Diehl Services Modules GmbH

Diehl Service Modules is a certified development, production, and maintenance provider of cabin interiors. At the company's Hamburg location, Diehl Service Modules develop and manufacture galleys, storage cupboards, and other lightweight components for passenger, VIP, and cargo aircraft.

METZO GmbH (Previous: Metzeler Schaum GmbH)

METZO GmbH is one of the leading Foam manufacturers in Europe with a workforce of about 500 specialists. They are a major supplier of high quality foams for Airbus, Boeing, MDC, and BAE etc….

Their customers range from international airlines and aircraft manufacturers to seat manufacturers worldwide.

世界頂級航空座椅墊 及 充氣式腰墊 / 椅墊新概念設計

Zotefoams plc is the world's leading manufacturer of cross-linked block foams. Its products are used in a wide range of markets including sports and leisure, packaging, transport, healthcare, toys, building, marine and the military.

Through a unique production process, the Company produces foams that have controlled properties and are of a strength, consistency, quality and purity superior to foams produced by other methods.

Aircraft Drywash
RMX Global work across several sectors creating and manufacturing environmentally friendly, innovative surface protection and cleaning products utilizing advanced polymers.

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