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V-Mark Bio-Organic Multi-Functional Fertilizer (BOM)



V-Mark has involved in the development  of a viable alternative to the chemical fertiliser currently used in the argriculture industies.


This new eco-product has been developed, well tested and are ready to go for commercial production - BOM, a microbial fertiliser.


BOM has the following benefits over chemical fertilisers:


  • Revitalising over-fertilised soil, breaking down embedded chemical residues of the soil and solving the environmental problems. Making use of bacteria in organic substance medium, BOM, when applied in soil, can provide essential NPK nutrients in-absorbable form to crops and plants through nitrogen fixation, phosphorus and potassium decomposition, without causing harm to the environment. Improving agricultural crop quality. Various field studies have indicated that the use of BOM can improve the nutritive value and quality of crops and fruits.


  • Effective and efficient fertiliser. The microbial fertiliser is active in soil up to 150 days.Hence, less fertiliser is required, leading to a saving in both materials and labour.


  • Competitive pricing, compares to imported compound fertiliser.


  • Wide application, BOM has proved to be very successful in high value-added fresh agricultural produce and grass fileds such as :- Market gardening crops and vegetables, Orchard, Horticulture, Cereals, Rehabilitation and fertilisation projects (such as golf course and turfs).


  • Environment friendly, BOM has passed the standard for green food in China. (Pollution free, chemical residue free and toxin free).

Hong Kong Eco-Products Award (HKEPA)


The products were tested in various countries under the auspices of the government ministries on agriculture or universities in Holland (1999), South Korea (1998-1999) and the Philippines (1998) and China (1998-2000). Government recognition as Eco-product and coated slow working biological NPK-fertiliser has been obtained in Hong Kong and Holland respectively.


Product Introduction


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Recommended Usage

Generally, the recommended dosages for BOM is between 1000-2000 kg/ha but the rates is dependableon the stage and types of crop planted. Similar to other fertilizers the amount of BOM applied should beappropriate. Insufficiency will not satisfy plants needs for nutrients while excessive amount will cause wasteand decrease of yields.


Notes: After apply BOM, drench water as much as possible immediately and then coverback with soil


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